Travel entertainment: Books, audiobooks and podcasts edition.

This list is the books I’ve read as of late which have stuck with me. Some are absolute page turners you could possible read in one flight and others may not be how you see solo travel but show you a different way of living, which is an important thing we should all be learning really. There is no one size fits all.

Thinking about solo travel/living somehow ‘outside the box’:

This book had me, ME wanting to hike the Pacific trail in the US. This is a true story of a woman who made the decision to do this on her own, her trials and how she felt both along the way and after. Truly inspirational.

This book about solo female travel has been my favourite by far. It’s a combination of both the authors experience and the history behind solo female travel. Showing that it is not a new trend, whilst also pointing out the length’s women went to and how lucky in a lot of ways that we are today.

This book takes you on a beautiful journey exploring all the different options life has to chose from, and the impact of our choices. Empowering, beautiful, and at times sad. This one will stick with you.

Good for the plane (or any other long journey):

This book, where to start. This book was like a hug, and that feeling when you’re talking to a friend who completely gets you. You will seen and heard and your feelings are validated. I will be shoving this book on people for years to come. Try put it down, I dare you.

This woman is a god. You can read pretty much any of her books and enjoy them. Everything I know about love is my fave of her’s but this one is relatable, easy to read, enjoyable and will make you cringe for your youth and look forward to your future.

This book was something different. I’ve been trying to find something as captivating and bizarre ever since and have failed to date. One of those where you don’t quite know whats reality or how seriously to be taking it and maybe leaves you with more questions than answers. You’ll want your friends to read it so you can discuss what the hell happened.

One of my all time favourite books, this has it all. Love, passion, adventure, secrets, war. This book will come along and remind you what real true love feels like, in case you’ve forgotten.

My first dabble into historical fiction and first, but not the last book I’ve read by this author. Female spy network, set during the world war. Thrilling and sexy and awe inspiring.

I still miss these characters. This book will fire you up (pun intended) and is a beautiful combination of mystery and an exploration of race and class in America. It does not end how you expect, thats all I’ll say!

This one put me off for ages coz I thought it would be like Hamlet! It’s not! This is in my top 5 books ever. Think love, poverty, grief, artistic talent and a dash of magic. I miss the main character still!

If you havn’t read Song of Achilles yet read this one first. All the characters stories will slot together. This book shows the rare side of war, from the women’s/prisoners perspective during the war at Troy. This was my into to greek mythology and I went down a rabbit hole after this one.

This was my first JoJo Moyes and it honestly far exceeded my expectations. Set hundreds of years ago in the southern states a group of women attempt to set up a mobile library and face challenges from their community and society in general. Heart warming and makes you develop a fresh sense of book appreciation.

Another true story of resilience, love and hope, one that will leave you feeling so many feelings at one. Beautiful written and researched and a story I’m so glad was captured before the people involved passed away.

This one is set in the southern states during the time the northern states were fighting to end slavery and is the collection of ‘maid’s voices in a fictional, but powerful story. Pie, when you know!

Based on a true story, these women really did have this job during the war. A series of young women trained to decipher and break codes being used by the Nazi’s during the war to try and intercept and save lives. Thrilling, sad at times but a real page turner.

NOT what you think. I picked this up expecting something super light and fluffy. Covers more but is not a ‘heavy’ read either if you’ve just read something dark.

Set in the 1950s’ in America Elizabeth Zott is a Chemist, a qualified Chemist but being a women she faces a number of realistic challenges. A really enjoyable, if angering at time read.


These were all fantastic and none have narraters that make you hate the book.

Podcasts, depending on your mood:

When you want to be taken on an absolute journey and come away both entertained and educated: The Blindboy Podcast.

When you want to feel like you’re best friend is there with you: The High Low.

When you’re feeling a little whimsical and reflective (or feel like a failure) : How to Fail.

When you’re missing Ireland (especially Dublin): Talking Bollox Podcast or The Women’s Podcast. 

When your in the mood for something a bit dark and sad but real: The Missing. This one is a good one as it has the potential to really help some families who are missing a family member or loved one.

When you’re in the mood for a laugh, female company and to hear funny stories people have posted them in: Sometimes funny always awkward.

When you feel like listening to something true story, dark and SHOCKING: Dr Death.

Any other recommendation please feel free to share below, I love a good recommendation. If you liked these feel free to follow me on Goodreads.

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